GutsyHome is an online platform communications tool focused on providing efficient, seamless, and time-saving communications among landlords, service providers (i.e. plumbers, locksmiths, and electricians), and tenants to resolve an array of issues that the tenant might have with the normal functioning of the unit, including, but not limited to, appliance malfunctions, electrical problems, and plumbing emergencies.

GutsyHome developed a mobile application tool to facilitate communications so that the tenant can enter a specific request to a service provider, including uploading photographs and videos and providing a brief description, and allowing an associated service provider to respond to the request via the mobile app. The landlord, who is given the option to list his/her preferred service providers, is only minimally involved in the process.

The landlord is also given an option to pre-approve services below a certain threshold, thereby further minimizing involvement in the incident and saving both time and hassle.

The value proposition of GutsyHome to the landlord is a time-saving, cost effective way to resolve problems, thereby improving ROI and reducing hassle in dealings with tenants.

GutsyHome is developed to run in a website platform as well as in iOS and Android platforms. To have further information about GtusyHome, please click www.gutsyhome.com and you will find all the requirements needed to become part of this community.

You can either sign up for free from Apple Store or Google Play from your mobile and see all information related to GutsyHome; or you can go to www.gutsyhome.com, find all the information in connection with sign up.

Stop making endless phone calls!

No more piles of stressing e-mails and text messages!

Do not spend worthless hours of work!

Do get annoyed with neither tenants nor vendors, they are part of your community, and all should be enjoying the peace of mind.

GutsyHome will help you manage the hassle of dealing with tenants and vendors to reestablish the well functioning of the renting units.

Just load your renting units to our platform, invite your tenant to connect with you through GutsyHome and let us deal with it. The tenant suffering from any malfunction in the housing unit will have a vendor coordinated to visit the place, make a professional diagnosis, perform a detail estimate of costs and solve the problem.

You can also choose to use GutsyHome Vendors or use vendors of your truth.

Regarding the most sensitive issue, the landlord can also choose to pre-approve jobs below a certain threshold, i.e. $250, in order to reduce involvement even further. However, if decided, the landlord can keep control to approve even basic quotes.

Do not get frustrated to solve something at home that stops functioning!

Stop making tons of phone calls with no solutions!

Just sing in at GutsyHome and send a simple request, establishing date and time you will be available, with a brief description of the problem, adding a photo or a short video and keep busy with your stuff!

The only thing you will have to take care of is to complete the repair request saying that the work was done and rate the vendor.

As simple as that!

Ahh!! The application of GutsyHome is completely free for tenants.

Stop going out promoting that you are the best vendor in market.

Do not worry any longer to have a flow of work to assure keep your business healthy.

Become a member of GutsyHome and receive substantial amount of work request through our platform weather in our website or in our apps!

You will have the ability to take as much work as you can handle going to your list of repair requests available. Once you take any of them, such work is your responsibility.

You will have to attend the date and time set up in the request, make a professional diagnosis of the malfunctioning; moreover, you will have to make an estimate consisting in material needed to perform the job plus cost labor and hours which will constitute the quote of such work. All that within GutsyHome platform that helps you with catalogs of products and calculation of costs.

Approval of quotes is essay and quick, but if there is any adjustment to be made, you can go back and forth with the landlord just through GutsyHome right away.

Finally, you can agree with your customer to receive payment through GutsyHome quickly once the job is completed!

You set your specialty, your area of work and concentrate your efforts more efficiently.

If you are a large vendor, you can also have your employees signing in and doing everything as instructed.

Your business become organized and running smoothly!!

A Request is a repair demand weather from the tenant of a renting unit or from the landlord of a vacant unit. This demand is sent out to a vendor calling for resolving a problem in a residential unit or commercial unit that is experiencing a malfunctioning. A malfunctioning may be weather an air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, lighting, pet control or any malfunctioning that become the unit partially or totally unusable.

A repair Request may have the following status:
  • Available This Request is available to all Vendors to be taken. GutsyHome applies the concept of “first in first out” The Request is seen by all vendor of such specialty and such area of work. All the information set up in the repair Request by the tenant is available to the vendors.
  • Assigned The repair Request has been already taken by a specific Vendor and is not available any longer to all vendors. The tenant and Landlord will see change of status of the Request and see who will be the Vendor responsible to perform such work.
  • QuoteQuote Now the assigned vendor attends to the renting unit and made a professional diagnosis and performed an estimate of cost in connection with fixing the problem in the house.
  • Accepted Once the Request reaches this status, the quote is already approved and the Vendor has performed the work or is about to.
  • Completed This status indicates that the vendor has performed the work and the residential or commercial unit is back to well functioning. The tenant is the one who gives this status to the request. After that he is asked to rate the Vendor in order to inform the community how good our vendor has performed!
  • Canceled This is a Request that has been cancelled by either the Landlord or the Tenant. If seen in any list, it is just for historical information but is not going to be performed by any vendor.

Landlord: Sing in with user and password and you will be able to set up all your personal information, number of units, tenants and vendors.

Tenant: You will receive an invitation from your landlord to download GtusyHome app and sett up your user and password.

Vendor: You weather receive an invitation from the owner of property or you also will be able to become a GtusyHome vendor. Contact GutsyHome for becoming a GutsyHome vendor.

Any landlord holding properties in the territory of The United States will be able to manage everything in our website platform and from our apps iOS and Android with out any inconvenient. For more information log in www.gutsyhome.com.

Any landlord holding properties in the territory of The United States will be able to manage everything in our website platform and from our apps iOS and Android with out any inconvenient. For more information log in www.gutsyhome.com.

Please get in contact with any Gutsy Home LLC representative www.gutsyhome.com.

Please read terms and conditions.