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GutsyHome is mobile oriented platform tool focused on providing efficient, seamless, and time-saving communications among landlords, vendors (e.g. plumbers, electricians and A/C-heater specialists), and tenants to resolve an array of issues that the tenant might have with the normal functioning of the unit. These include but are not limited to appliance malfunctions, electrical problems, and plumbing emergencies.

Our mobile oriented platform facilitates communications so that the tenant can enter a specific request to a service provider, including uploading photographs and videos, provide a brief description, and allow an associated service provider to respond to the request via the app.

The landlord, who is given the option to list preferred service providers, is only minimally involved in the process. The landlord is also given an option to pre-approve services below a certain threshold, thereby further minimizing involvement in the incident and saving both time and hassle.

We believe the added value for the landlord is a time-saving, cost effective way to resolve problems, thereby improving ROI and reducing hassle in dealings with tenants.

Following the launch of GutsyHome, we envision a number of different uses for the platform that will increae the benefit for landlords. These include a payment processing function that would not only remove the landlord’s need to pay the vendor manually, but also serve as an online monthly rental payment and HOA dues payment platform.

Gutsy Home LLC is a Florida limited liability company, holds the copyright and trademark rights and all software rights and licenses on GutsyHome mobile oriented platform, including its website, iOS and Android platforms, and has its principal office in Miami.

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